Shelby County Board of Education

Shelby County Board of Education Business Meeting Agenda---March 26, 2013

I. Roll Call
II. Pledge of Allegiance and Posting of Colors
III. Moment of Silence
IV. Public Comment
V. Approval of Agenda
1. Approval of the Agenda

VI. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting
2. Approval of Minutes from the February 26, 2013 Business Meeting
Attachment: 02.26.13 Board Minutes.pdf

3. Approval of Minutes from the February 28, 2013 Special Called Meeting
Attachment: 02 28 13 Special Called Minutes.pdf

4. Approval of Minutes from the March 19, 2013 Board Work Session
Attachment: 03.19.13 BWS.pdf
Attachment: Board Work Session Template 3 19 13.pdf

VII. Special Recognition/Presentations
VIII. Reports
A. Chairman

5. Chairman William (Billy) Orgel's Report
B. Audit Committee

6. Audit Committee Report
C. Board Training Ad Hoc Committee

7. Board Training Ad Hoc Committee Report
D. Community Outreach/Engagement Ad Hoc Committee

8. Community Outreach and Engagement Ad Hoc Committee Report
E. Ethics Committee Report

9. Ethics Committee Report
F. Facilities Ad Hoc Committee

10. Facilities Ad Hoc Committee Report
G. Internal Board Operations Ad Hoc Committee

11. Internal Board Operations Ad Hoc Committee Report
H. Legislative Ad Hoc Committee

12. Legislative Ad Hoc Committee Report
I. Superintendent Search Ad Hoc Committee

13. Superintendent Search Ad Hoc Committee Report
J. Superintendents' Reports

14. Superintendents' Reports
K. Transition Steering Committee

15. Transition Steering Committee Report
L. General Counsels' Report

16. General Counsels' Report

IX. Unfinished Board Business
17. TPC Recommendations 60, 64 and 65
18. PROACT Promotional Materials

X. New Board Business
19. MCS February 2013 Financial Statements
Attachment: February 2013 Financials.pdf

20. SCS February 2013 Monthly Financials
Attachment: SCS Financials Feb 2012 2013.pdf

21. MCS Resolution to Establish an OSHA Plan
Attachment: OSHA Resolution.pdf

22. SCBE New And Revised Policies
Attachment: 0000 Grants, Gifts, Donations and Sponsorships.pdf
Attachment: 0000 Professional Services Contracts.pdf
Attachment: 2006 Purchasing Authority-Revised-v2.pdf
Attachment: 2011 Local Preference Purchasing.pdf
Attachment: 6002 SCBE School Admissions 2-20-13 with Non-resident Students draft.pdf
Attachment: March Bd Mtg Policy Summaries-School Day, 6002, 6009.pdf
Attachment: Purchasing- and Contract-Related Policies Summaries 3-13-13 BWS.pdf
Attachment: 0000 Contract Requirement, Approval and Signatory Authority-Revision 3.20.13.pdf
Attachment: 0000 School Day 2 (3-20-13)MarchBWSBd.pdf
Attachment: Attendance Zone Policy 2 (3-20-13) for March 2013BdMtg.pdf

23. Student Recognition Award Ad Hoc Committee
Attachment: Student Recognition Award 2013.pdf

24. MCS School Closure Proposals
Attachment: Coro Lake - Final.pdf
Attachment: Norris -Final.pdf
Attachment: Orleans--Final.pdf
Attachment: White's Chapel-Final.pdf

XI. Consent Agenda
Action Items

25. MCS: Business Operations: Facilities Management: Duplicating Paper to Replenish Warehouse Stock: $253,000.00

26. MCS: Business Operations: Facilities Management: School Energy Audit: $451,278.00

27. MCS: Business Operations: Nutrition Services: Dual Heat Seal Station with Auto Lid Tray Sealing Equipment: $243,876.00
Attachment: BWS 3-26-13 BUSINESS OPERATIONS NUTRITION SVCSCNC Lid Machine (2).pdf

28. MCS: Business Operations: Nutrition Services: Food Requirements 2013 Summer Lunch Program: $311,853.24

29. MCS Cheryl Vrooman dba Educational Program Evaluation: $30,000.00
Attachment: Cheryl Vrooman 2012-2013 Updated Contract.pdf

30. MCS LeMoyne Owen College: $450,000.00
Attachment: Hollis Price Middle College Collaborative for Educational Excellence6 2007 acceptallr.pdf

31. MCS Christian Brothers University: $421,508.00
Attachment: CBU MCS MOU 3-25-2010revised2013.pdf

32. MCS Northeast Foundation for Children: $313,704.00
Attachment: Responsive Classroom.pdf

33. MCS EnerNOC, Inc.
Attachment: TVA Amend 2 - Clean 02 13 13 (2).pdf

34. MCS Binghampton Development Corporation: $45,200.00 (Revenue)
Attachment: Binghampton Development Corporation Resolution.pdf

35. MCS Veritas College Preparatory Leadership Academy, Inc: $97,311.00 (Revenue)
Attachment: Veritas Lease Amendment # 1 _2013-2016_.pdf

36. MCS/SCS Special Course Applications
Attachment: SCS 2nd Year Applications.pdf
Attachment: SCS 3rd Year Applications.pdf
Attachment: SCS 4th Year Applications Part 1.pdf
Attachment: SCS 4th Year Applications Part 2.pdf
Attachment: SCS 5th Year Applications.pdf
Attachment: Summary of New Course Applications for Approval.pdf
Attachment: MCS 1st Year Applications.pdf
Attachment: MCS 3rd Year Applications.pdf
Attachment: MCS 4th+ Year Applications.pdf

37. Contract with AT&T $245,264.64
Attachment: RESOLUTION-RFP #FY130021ATT.pdf

38. Contract with Access Data Network Solutions, Inc. $103,648.00
Attachment: RESOLUTION-RFP #FY130022 Access Data.pdf

39. Contract with AT&T Mobility National Accounts LLC $317,512.08
Attachment: RESOLUTION-RFP #FY130023 ATT Mobility.pdf

40. Contract with Presidio Networked Solutions, Inc. $511,673.50.
Attachment: RESOLUTION-RFP #FY130024 Presidio.pdf

41. Food products contracts with approximate cost: $544,222.94
Attachment: RESOLUTION - BID #FY130019 Food.pdf

Approval of Consent Agenda

42. Approval of Consent Agenda - March 26, 2013

XII. Discussion Agenda
Action Items

43. MCS: Business Operations: Nutrition Services: CNC Refrigerated Trucks: Placeholder

44. TEI/Parthenon Contract $350,000
Attachment: Parthenon Support - April.pdf

45. SCS Cafeteria and SCS/MCS Student Activity Audit Report
Attachment: MCS Student Activity Audit 2012.pdf
Attachment: SCS Cafeteria Audit Report.pdf
Attachment: SCS Combined Internal School Funds.pdf

46. SCS/MCS Textbook Selection - Placeholder

XIII. Superintendent's Recognition of Grants, Gifts and Donations
47. MCS Tennessee Department of Education: Tennessee First to the Top – Reward Schools Ambassador Program (RSAP): $102,000.00 (GRANT)
Attachment: Board_Packet_Form_Reward Ambassador_rev.pdf

XIV. Adjournment